Ayurvedic Remedy For Constipation (Kabj)

We have had many people suffering from constipation (or kabj) reach out to us for help. In many cases, people felt that they could have avoided the suffering if they knew what they were dealing with and how to treat it early on. Our expert Ayurvedic Doctor, Dr. Shyla Vahab, has a few points to share with you regarding ayurvedic treatment for constipation and how to manage it.

Ayurvedic Remedy For Constipation


Constipation occurs when bowel movement becomes less frequent and stool becomes hard and difficult to pass. It happens most often due to a change in diet or routine and can even be caused because of an inadequate intake of fiber and water.


Constipation can be acute or chronic, mostly it is a part of old age, it can be an independent problem, or it can be a part of many diseases. Certain drugs can produce constipation. Ex. Iron preparations, anti-hypertensive drugs, aspirin, etc.

Many patients with Hypothyroidism, Parkinsonism, Hypocalcemia, and Intestinal Obstruction suffer from constipation. Even your mental states can affect your bowel movements- depression is also a cause of constipation! A sluggish liver can also manifest as constipation!

So it is crucial to know and tackle constipation early on; with the help of an expert.


Knowing when to reach out to an expert is half the battle when it comes to your health and wellness. A few home remedies for constipation would be to:

  1. Get adequate exercise and fluid intake in a day
  2. Have at least 30gm of fibers in the diet – fruits and grains are the best sources of fibers
  3. Avoid Chips, Potato, Biscuit, Coffee, and Tea
Home Remedies For Constipation
Quick Tips To Manage Constipation

Ayurvedic Treatment for Constipation

Apana Vata Anulomana (A principle in Ayurveda) is very important in treating constipation. Gandharva Hastadi Kwatha, Abhaya Pippali Mooladi Kwathas, Pancha Kshara Choorna, Dhanwantaram Gulika are Ayurvedic Medicines for constipation but keep in mind to only take medication after consulting a qualified expert.

Virechana and Vasti are ayurvedic treatments that can be done as per the patient’s condition.